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Unlock the secrets to a happier life with The Little Book of Nordic Living!

The Nordic countries are cold. Of course, this is something everyone knows. But how do people live there if it’s so cold? What do they do except go to work and sleep? What do they believe in? What customs do they have?

An illustrated introduction to the best place to live in the world.

We believe that life is best lived when you are happy and at peace with yourself, and the Nordic cultures seem to have some best-kept secrets when it comes to enjoying life to the maximum. We, the people at Nordic Socks, present you this little guide on how to live your best Scandinavian life.

NOTE: The eBook is in English


Scandinavian Countries

5 Delicious Scandinavian Recipes to try at home...with your Nordic socks on!

5 ways to embrace the hygge lifestyle

5 Nordic Noirs You Need to Read

Nordic Socks Traditional knitting history

Nordic Socks Scandinavian Cinema

How do the Nordics do their laundry?

Three Nordic sayings that will inspire you

Have you ever been invited to a crayfish party?

Nordic Socks - How to take care of wool socks

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